Rescheduled Picture Day is November 10th

Published by James Doraz
Dec 21, 2018

This Saturday we will be having our rescheduled Dighton Youth Soccer Picture Day.   All player and team pictures will be taken prior to your scheduled games.   Below is additional information on how to order online prior to Saturday to help reduce wait times.   Please review the schedule below and arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled team picture time.  

To Pre-pay online


Pre-orders help move the line along faster vs. paying onsite. Please print your online receipt and hand it to the photographer.   

Paying on-site: The photographer will have extra order forms.


Check and cash will be accepted.  Credit card information taken on-site will be processed off-site.


Picture Team Schedule

8:00AM Team Leicester
8:00AM Team Watford

8:15AM Team
8:15AM Team Tottenham

8:30AM Team Earthquakes
8:30AM Team Wizards

8:45AM Grade 4-8 Girls

9:15AM Team Liverpool

9:15AM Team Wolverhampton

Grade 1-3 Girls

9:45AM Team Blizzards
9:45AM Team Tornados

10:00AM Grade 6-7-8 Boys

10:30 AM Team
10:30 AM Team Everton

10:45 AM Team Manchester United
10:45 AM Team Chelsea