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Good Sportsmanship By Tom Goodman, M.Ed.

Published by Thapos Admin
Jun 14, 2018

Good Sportsmanship

By Tom Goodman, M.Ed.
MYSA Director of Training and Evaluation

It is very important for all youth soccer players to practice Good Sportsmanship during all training activities and matches. Your behavior on and off the field directly reflects on the quality of your team, your clubbut most importantly, on you. With the help of your coach, as a positive role model, practicing Good Sportsmanship will make the game FUN! Lets take a look at Good Sportsmanship

Here are some things to consider when practicing Good Sportsmanship:

1. Always listen to the coach and try your best to do what he asks of you. There is nothing more fulfilling than trying your hardest.
2. Say something positive to your teammate when he/she has put in a good effort. Even if your teammate didnt perform a skill correctly, something as simple as Nice try!, can make all the difference to that player.
3. Help a player to his/her feet when they have fallen.
4. Treat your opponents with respect. A positive comment between competitors builds mutual respect.
5. Treat the referees with respect. Dont argue or complain about their calls. Spend your time on the field thinking about the game and how you can help your team compete at their highest level.
6. After the game shake hands with the other team and the referees and tell them that they played or officiated a good game. There is nothing better than competing in a match and giving it your ALL! 
7. Dont participate in Trash Talk with anyonein other words, dont make negative comments about your coach, teammates, opponents, referees or spectators. Good Players focus on the game and how they can play it better!

You can make a positive difference in our game when you practice Good